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Doubts remain about the safety of My Health Record

The Federal Government must strengthen protections in its rollout of digital health records to protect vulnerable people, including children, writes Law Council president Morry Bailes.


Richardson: Service cuts a hard sell as landmines loom for Libs

Rob Lucas’s first budget in 17 years has outraged the usual suspects – and a few others besides – but it hasn’t exactly sated those who have long called for radical public sector reform either. And with voters in Government-held marginals among those in the firing line, Tom Richardson asks: have the Liberals messed up the politics – again?

The fragmentation that is devouring Australia’s politics is reflected in the increasingly stark polarisation of the country’s professional mass media, argues Denis Muller.

Denis Muller comments in

Is Murdoch's empire "waging a war on the Prime Minister of Australia"?

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