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Electric plane revolution ready for takeoff

While the public and politicians debate the onset of electric cars, another transport revolution is quietly taking place in our skies. Jake Whitehead and Michael Kane argue that, this time, Australia should catch an early flight.


Journalism's ethical Assange dilemma

Julian Assange is not a journalist and embracing him and Wikileaks in the name of press freedom risks inviting more regulation upon reporters and the news media, argues Kathy Kiely and Laurel Jeff.


Leadership the loser no matter who wins election

With voter trust in politics and democratic institutions plunging, politicians of all persuasions must be more ethical, accountable and responsive to community concerns, argue Samuel Wilson, Jason Pallant and Timothy Colin Bednall.

With the future of another piece of Port Adelaide’s maritime heritage in the balance, historian Brian Samuels makes a case for the vast building to become the heart of a new precinct celebrating South Australian history.

Brian Samuels comments in

Saving Shed 26: why keeping this threatened building could rejuvenate the Port

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