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Cuttlefish gather en-masse in SA waters

Thousands of “little aliens” have started to gather in South Australia’s gulf waters, with divers and snorkellers from around the world wanting to glimpse the annual cuttlefish pilgrimage expected to follow in the coming weeks.


Three-day Limestone Coast Winter itinerary

Whether you come to taste rarity wine as part of July’s Coonawarra Cellar Dwellers, or to experience the glow-in-the-dark Ghost Mushrooms that only appear in Mt Gambier’s forests during May or June, there’s plenty in this region to feed your curiosity throughout winter.


When in winter, do as the Limestone Coast locals do

The Limestone Coast has a special kind of magic in the winter months. Down in this undiscovered part of SA, the locals are waiting to share rarity reds from their cellars, a unique landscape that blooms under grey skies, fireside chats in cosy cabins and pubs, and an emerging progressive food movement with intrepid travellers who make the picturesque journey from Adelaide.


Life on the streets of Havana

GALLERY: Life in Havana happens on the streets amid a mix of ‘colour, rubbish, beauty, smells and old relics’, according to Adelaide photographer Heidi Lewis, who has captured the Cuban capital in a new exhibition.


Top regions and countries to visit in 2019

GALLERY: Australia’s Red Centre has been named alongside places such as the Scottish Highlands, Northern Peru, Russia’s Far East and the Catskills in the US in Lonely Planet’s new guide to the top travel destinations for 2019.