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Beef, Sweet Potato and Date Tagine

This Moroccan-style recipe from chef and food writer Ross Dobson takes only around 20 minutes to prepare and is then cooked over eight hours in a slow cooker.

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Sweet corn fritters with smoked salmon and chilli jam

The chilli jam makes Callum Hann’s breakfast fritters just as good for lunch or dinner.


Luke Nguyen’s Chicken & Prawn Curry Laksa

This recipe for Australian chef, restaurateur and TV host Luke Nguyen’s Chicken & Prawn Curry Laksa comes from a new cookbook featuring classic dishes from 150 top international chefs and cooks.


Mini Raspberry Cupcakes

This gluten-free recipe from vegetarian cookbook Little Green Kitchen can be made with fresh or frozen raspberries and includes hints of coconut, banana and almonds.

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Chocolate and Amaretti Flan

This flan – known as a bonet – is a traditional sweet from the Piedmont region of Italy and is a bit like the local version of a crème caramel but flavoured with chocolate and amaretti biscuits.


Guacamole salad and spicy salsas

Ahead of their appearance at this year’s WOMADelaide, Mexican-American band Las Cafeteras share recipes for a guacamole salad and salsas they’ll be making for the festival’s Taste the World sessions.


Lemon pavlova with summer fruits

With the tang of lemon and a topping that makes the most of fresh fruit, this pavlova recipe comes from new book Adelaide Central Market: Stories, people & recipes.


Pasta with Raw Sauce

Described as ‘Rome’s celebration of summer’, this pasta dish features classic Italian ingredients including cherry tomatoes, capers, olives, basil, mozzarella, chilli and garlic.


Persian Butter Fudge

Incorporating ground cardamom seeds and saffron, this buttery fudge recipe originates from the Iranian city of Qom and is found in the new Middle Eastern cookbook Suqar.


Summer Garden Tart

Vegies and herbs such as courgettes, peas, beans, spring onions, chives and mint are the stars of this simple tart from UK chef and food writer Gill Meller – but it’s open to interpretation and variation.