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Adelaide Fringe

Adelaide Fringe

The show will go on – but 2021 Fringe faces major challenges

Adelaide Fringe’s annual review released today shows it generated a record amount of spending in its 60th anniversary year, but director and CEO Heather Croall says it will need a big boost in government funding for 2021 to help attract artists post-COVID.

Adelaide Fringe

Fringe review: I Don’t Want to Play House

Pakana woman Tammy Anderson offers an unflinching glimpse of a contemporary Australian childhood riddled with domestic and substance abuse in a performance that is both stirring and hopeful. ★★★★ ½

Adelaide Fringe

Fringe review: Train Lord

Saturated in emotional truth and unapologetically low-fi, Train Lord is testament to the powerful potential of Fringe shows that hark back to the no-frills days of the festival’s past. ★★★★

Adelaide Fringe

Fringe review: Passengers

What’s haunting Max? One minute he’s ordering a sandwich in a café, the next he’s hurling a chair through the shop window. Passengers is the story of a man who is in the dark about his own divided self. ★★★★★

Adelaide Fringe

Fringe review: No.33

Equal parts intriguing and baffling, No.33 relies on its audience members’ curiosity to solve the mystery of what happened to the inhabitants of an old house. ★★★

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Best seats in the house

CityMag lifts the veil on where to perch throughout the festival season, with critical insights from those who ought to know.

Adelaide Fringe

Fringe review: Floral Peroxide

Chronic illness is too often undiscussed in today’s society and disability is even worse, with the prefix ‘dis’ meaning ‘the negative of’, but Floral Peroxide ensures Fringe won’t fall into the trap of conforming to these dissociative norms. ★★★★

Adelaide Fringe

Fringe review: It All Sparks Joy

Dylan Cole interweaves tragedy with hilarity in his monologue as dishevelled, daytime-drinking hoarder Jeremy Parker, whose veneer of cheery enthusiasm starts to crack as his attempt to de-clutter forces him to face the grief he’s buried. ★★★★