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The Darling River is simply not supposed to dry out, even in drought

Mass fish deaths are a blaring warning signal for the heath of the Murray Darling Basin, but just as worrying is the sight of dry areas in the Darling, writes Fran Sheldon.


Richardson: Will Marshall still be The Man in 2019?

South Australia’s first Liberal Premier in a generation ended 2018 on a high – after a deliberately low-key approach to his first year in office. But, writes Tom Richardson, the lessons of past failures should ensure that the era of “underpromising” is set to end.


Richardson: Not quite the worst day ever

It was one of the biggest days in SA’s recent political history – but for Tom Richardson, almost everything that could go awry, did. In his last column for 2018, he reflects on a day that he remembers for all the wrong reasons.

Hand-wringing over the high cost of petrol does little to help those hardest hit by price volatility – but there are things governments can do to reduce cost-of-living pressures, writes SACOSS CEO Ross Womersley.

Ross Womersley comments in

Petrol price volatility hits the poor hardest

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