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Sasha Zahra comes full circle at Windmill

THE BUSINESS OF ART | The lessons of a lifetime spent working in arts institutions – from the Adelaide Fringe to Restless Dance Theatre – are helping Windmill Theatre Company associate director Sasha Zahra steer home the remount season of Amphibian this week, amid gut-wrenchingly relevant international tragedy.

Mark Saturno as the charismatic Richard Roma and Bill Allert as office manager John Williamson in Flying Penguin Productions' 'Glengarry Glen Ross'. Photo: Shane Reid

Theatre review: Glengarry Glen Ross

If there was ever a text to expose the desperation and fear masked by old-school masculinity, Glengarry Glen Ross would be it: four real estate agents sized up against each other in a sales competition that sees the winner take home a Cadillac, the runner-up awarded steak knives, and the others lose their jobs.


Welcome to Jeremy Goldstein's Truth to Power Café

A diverse collection of South Australians will take to the stage to answer the question “Who has power over you and what do you want to say to them?” when the unique theatrical show Truth to Power Café comes to Adelaide.

Theatre Theatre

Finding a hard-won home on stage

THE BUSINESS OF ART | Adelaide artist Gill Hicks’ live show Still Alive (and Kicking) will this month be streamed for audiences on the other side of the globe, but her journey to the stage has been long and winding. From a creative childhood, via the trauma of the London bombings, Hicks is reconciling her activist and artistic drives with help from a debut Adelaide Fringe season.


Imagine if the world went to sleep for a year

Opening hot on the heels of a damning new report about the rapid rate of climate change, playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer’s Hibernation imagines a future where the entire global population is put to sleep for a year to save the planet.

Theatre Theatre

Theatre review: Macbeth

Independent Theatre’s traditionalist approach in its new production of Macbeth highlights the timeless themes of ambition, guilt and fate that make this play a beloved Shakespearean tragedy.


Theatre review: True West

Swift jumps between camaraderie and conflict keep audience members on edge and intrigued in this Adelaide production of Sam Shepard’s play about two estranged brothers whose identities unravel when they reconnect.


Curtain set to fall on Bakehouse Theatre

Adelaide’s Bakehouse Theatre – a stalwart of the local theatre scene for many years and a popular venue during the annual Fringe Festival – will be forced to close when the lease on its Angas Street premises ends next May.