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Metrics rule in the cultural Hunger Games

Two press conferences held within hours of each other on the first day of the Adelaide Fringe have been widely commented on in the local media. However, beneath the sensationalist headlines lie two issues: how do we value arts and culture, and how do we make arts and cultural policy?

Visual Art

Meet me at the spinning tree

Hossein Valamanesh was a civic poet who believed in art as a force for bringing people and ideas together. Lisa Slade sheds light on two of the late Adelaide artist’s beautiful works on display in the Art Gallery of South Australia.


A matter of pronouns

It started with a haircut… ActNow Theatre co-CEO and executive director Rhen Soggee gets personal in this article explaining why they use they/them pronouns, and how identifying as gender non-conforming can create challenges that blur the boundary between a person’s private and the professional lives.