From Saturday, April 29, 2006, in InDaily’s print predecessor The Independent Weekly, to today, the personal pleasure and privilege of receiving and presenting those poems has been full in the knowledge that their such wide variety of both subject matter and authorship showed how poetry was very much alive and well in society overall rather than just any purely poetry milieu.

Poems on love and aspiration; loss and celebration. Those about the climate and weather; the moon, sun and stars; about our precious struggling planet itself, and all creatures great and small that would occupy it with us. Many others, on a multitude of further themes, with all doing what a good poem can do in addition to being “poetic” – tell a story.

The contributors of all seasons too. The oldest has been over 90, the youngest under 10. They have been doctors and lawyers, and even an Indian chief. There was a butcher and a baker, and although not yet a candlestick maker, certainly a postman and some professors. Nurses and teachers have been prominent, as have been home designers and homemakers. People on the land have featured alongside published writers, emergency and defence personnel alongside those of the cloth. Many others come to mind, but together they have all been what has made Poet’s Corner’s weekly offering not only looked forward to and read locally, but nationally and internationally as well.

In thanking them for these 15 years, thanks must also go to all those who have made up such an equally varied and loyal readership. For no matter how good something is – it doesn’t sell unless it has a buyer. Last but certainly not least, Solstice Media itself should be thanked, it and its dedicated staff who have not only done poetry proud, but also independent journalism overall.

John Miles has been the editor of Poet’s Corner since its inception. This week’s Poet’s Corner features one of his own poems, looking at a place that once known, is never forgotten. Other recent contributions can be read here.

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