The suspension of disbelief is a must for any magic show; leave the skepticism at the door and enjoy being fooled. This is a show to be enjoyed, not over-thought.

With 60 minutes of adult humour, sleight-of-hand, illusions, mentalism and a chance of nudity, it’s a timeless combination done well.

Showmen Sam and Justin warm the crowd with their raw larrikin banter. The duo’s endearing playfulness is well pitched and any looming feeling of being underwhelmed is always saved by a well-executed twist and a good dose of comedy.

The reveals may be met with delight rather than complete astonishment, but the acts are impressive enough to see conversations on the way out punctuated with “but how…?”, which perhaps offers more of an indication of their quality rather than any initial reaction.

The show is not as risqué as its “Adults Only” title suggests, and that’s no bad thing. The humour is cheekily suggestive yet inoffensive and by no means crass.

The art of stage magic is in luring in the audience, breaking their trust and then repeating. It relies on the crowd to bring the energy, to meet the performers halfway, and it didn’t quite gel on this occasion, possibly because the disjointed COVID-safe crowd didn’t bring the energy of a full house of Fringe-goers.

Above all, these are two talented best friends doing what they love. There is an authenticity that rides higher than the need to gobsmack the audience; it’s feel-good magic and, in context, entirely enjoyable. Plus, there are free drinks for all who are subjected to audience participation.

Adults Only Magic Show is playing at Flamingo in Gluttony until March 21.

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