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Food-truck movement gains traction on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island has revved up its food and drinks scene with the arrival of a growing fleet of food trucks that are capitalising on the island’s reputation as one of South Australia’s leading destinations for food and wine.

Travel Travel

Life on the streets of Havana

GALLERY: Life in Havana happens on the streets amid a mix of ‘colour, rubbish, beauty, smells and old relics’, according to Adelaide photographer Heidi Lewis, who has captured the Cuban capital in a new exhibition.


Australian swimming spots you'll long to dive into

GALLERY: Sixty “eye-poppingly beautiful” Australian swimming spots – including rock pools, lakes and springs in SA – are captured in a new book by a couple who travelled 28,000km across the country and documented their swims along the way.


This is real outback Australia

Driving off the beaten track in far north South Australia is not for the faint-heated – especially when your adventure takes you underground. But there are plenty of hidden gems to discover in the strangely Mars-like landscape, writes Stephanie Richards.


What to expect from the 2018 ski season

After the warmest autumn on record in many parts of the country, it may be hard to grapple with the fact that Australia’s official ski season starts this weekend. Here’s what you can experience at the major resorts in 2018.