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Kevin Naughton

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Pollies in radio daze over superficial greeting

In early December, InDaily reporter Tom Richardson tweeted: “Every time I hear a politician on radio obligatorily use the phrase ‘and good morning to your listeners’ a little part of me dies inside.” To which Adelaide’s number one broadcaster Ali Clarke chimed in: “You and me both.”

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Peter Dutton said he trying to secure two US Virginia Class nuclear submarines for Australia by 2030. Photo: Michael B. Zingaro/US Navy via AP

Can Adelaide's shipyard build a nuclear sub? The questions pile up

In part two of his deep dive into the many uncertainties facing an Australian nuclear submarine program, Kevin Naughton pulls apart the enormous costs of converting Australia’s shipbuilding infrastructure to build American nuclear subs and other potential barriers to local construction.


The giant question mark over SA's role in nuclear submarine push

Australia’s nuclear submarine ambition has few knowns and many unknowns – and one of these casts a giant shadow over South Australia’s role. Kevin Naughton analyses the uncertainties and responsibilities that come with owning a set of submarine-encased nuclear reactors and more than 220 tonnes of nuclear waste per boat.


The art of radio

Much of what defines successful radio was pioneered in Adelaide – a market that is now struggling in at least one key shift and has too few women on air. How can local radio re-assert its relevance?