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Billion-dollar shipbuilding upgrade for Osborne

UPDATED: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull released the government's long-awaited $89 billion Naval Shipbuilding Plan in Adelaide today, which includes a $1 billion upgrade of the Osborne facility and the establishment of a local college to train workers.

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“The budget fight between the state and federal governments over infrastructure spending has descended into a debate about paperwork.”
David Washington comments in

State and feds argue about infrastructure paperwork

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Beware the grand plans of politicians

Beware the grand political gesture, writes former Liberal minister Mark Brindal. More often than not they are the ill-considered over-reaction of a government that has either made a mistake or finds itself on the wrong side of public opinion.

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Turnbull "abolishes" 457 visas

Malcolm Turnbull has used Facebook to announce he is "abolishing" the 457 visa program for skilled migrants, and replacing it with a new program for foreign workers.